Taipei Haiku #28

Eternal party

Where do donuts begin, end?

Ouroboros cake

Ain’t no party like a donut party, because donuts represent ouroboros and thus don’t stop.

I have nothing much to add to this one. I just saw the colorful promotion and felt inspired. Was that Mister Donut and Sanrio’s intent? No. They want me to buy donuts. But they’ll take what they’re given.

I will add that Taiwan seems to be Mister Donut country, unlike Korea, which is the land of Dunkin Donuts. (An occasional Mister Donut chain can be found there, but not often.) I will probably buy a donut from them at some point and judge it in haiku form.

Maybe this one’s a little silly, but what the hell, all of them are a little silly.

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