Taipei Haiku #23

Korean conquest

Achieved through earworms, dance moves

Crack-infused TV

Do you think I was able to escape the Korean Wave when I left that country last March? Ha! You sweet summer child. I knew escape was a dead dream when I heard Girls’ Generation at a (surprisingly good, considering the region) sushi restaurant in Grand Forks, BC. This has been confirmed now that I live in Taiwan.

The advertisement is an old one, promoting ‘My Love From the Star’ (별에서 온 그대), which is TV drama about a diva actress and an alien who fall in love, as is the natural way of things. There is also a murder subplot and reincarnation! It’s more enjoyable than it ought to be, although some of the later episodes dragged a bit. (The show was stupid popular and so extra episodes were added. This was a mistake.)

I suppose I should start delving into the world of Taiwanese dramas, though. Sci-fi or fantasy elements required, because I’m old and stuck in my ways.

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