Post #100: State of the Blog Address


Here it is, my hundredth post since I started this writing blog back in January 2017. I stressed for a stupid amount of time about what the topic of it would be, but then I thought, to hell with it! I’m going to take this time to announce some things!

There will continue to be daily haiku. (Unless it’s a TANKA.)

I will start re-mastering my older haiku to fit with the new format.

Every other day, I will post a longer pieces. These longer pieces will alternate in turn between silly one-shots, like ‘Tales of Old Andong‘ and the 50-word short stories or even some non-fiction, and…

(cues up the band)

…a NOVEL. Or rather, a series of stories set in the same world, with the collected works eventually being novel-length. In the past, I’ve tried to tackle a novel right from the get-go, the result being that my efforts peter out rapidly and I abandon the project. This will be a more sustainable format for me.

It’s like running. When I started a Couch to 5k program, the thought of a marathon was laughable. Then I finished that program and I started a 10k training. A marathon still didn’t seem possible, but I thought maybe a half would be in my future. Then came half-marathon training and then I thought, what the hell… And yes, I did wind up finishing a marathon last year. Like the marathon, I will work my way up to a novel, learning how to adjust my pacing and plotting as the length of the work increases.

So that’s that. We’ll see where I’m at in another hundred posts.

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