Buffy Haiku #1

Squeaky Lamb’s reprieve

Jaws of the murder pup rest

As she dreams of blood

It’s a long, involved process to import an animal to Taiwan from Canada, and it’s not really aided by the fact that the exact steps aren’t clearly and consistently listed. It’s not that I can’t understand why it’s long and involved (Taiwan is rabies-free and wants to stay that way). But, well, I miss my dog.

Thankfully, she is presently safe and happy with my parents, although whether they’re safe in turn is another matter. The blood of the wolf runs in her veins and no squeak toy is safe in her presence.

Let the cotton entrails of the squeak toy cover the living room carpet as a warning to all…

Next post is my hundredth. That’s something special.

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7 thoughts on “Buffy Haiku #1

  1. I love your posts!

    We just moved to Taiwan a few weeks ago and brought our cat with us, and it was NOT easy. I’m definitely not sure we would have done it if she couldn’t have come in the cabin with us, so I totally understand your decision to leave your dog behind. I’m sure you miss her so much though!


    1. Thanks kindly. I really do appreciate that. 🙂

      I do intend to get my dog over here later this year and we’re trying to start the process, but it’s tricky business. Getting her from Korea to Canada was a cakewalk in comparison. You managed to bring your cat in the cabin? What airline did you use? And do you have any other tips?

      (And man oh man, do I miss her. She’s a lovely, charming, immodest, manipulative brat.)

      And you’re a new arrival too, eh? I’m almost six weeks in myself. Taipei?


      1. It’s a tricky process for sure, but now I feel like a pro! I can totally answer any specific paperwork questions you have =) we were able to bring our cat in cabin because she was able to fit in a carrier that goes under the seat on United. I can’t quite tell from your photo of Buffy, but maybe she can fit? We read somewhere that the weight limit is 15 lbs, but our cat is 18 and they never checked. When you get to the import permit stage, definitely request the NTU Vet Hospital – they were amazing!

        We arrived 4 weeks ago on Monday, living near Nanjichang Night Market! What about you?


      2. She fit with Air Canada, so she should be good with United (provided she loses some weight, the chubster.) Her short legs help in this. So noted with the import permit – NTU, all the way. What of the rabies titer test? She’s recently had the shot, but my parents and I are having trouble finding a non-broken link to labs where the blood sample can be sent. How did you talk to your vet about it?

        (Getting her to Canada from Korea was three steps: 1) Get rabies shot. 2) Book her with the airline. 3) Get vet certificate a week before the flight. Oh, for that simplicity again.)

        (You don’t know how I appreciate your advice!)

        Currently, I’m living near Sanmin Senior High School, all the way on the other end of the orange line. I’ll be staying there until the end March; then it’s off to a new place. 🙂 I’m hoping to eventually end up a little more central.


      3. So our vet actually already knew which lab to send it to, and at least in the States it needed to be sent to the Kansas State Vet Lab. I’m not sure if there are labs that might be closer to you – I’ll poke around a little. (I feel like with all of this now-useless knowledge I should start a pet moving company, hahaha!)

        Let me know what other questions you have as they come up!


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