For Amanda: Thanks for Sharing!

My friend Amanda was kind enough to share my blog on her Facebook page, so I wrote a 100-word ditty just for her. If you want one too, just share my blog between now and the end of Chinese New Year and lob a prompt at me.

Her prompt: “Kindy movie time and the tech shuts down?


Nina swallowed the ibuprofen with her coffee. It was stupid to go drinking on a Sunday night and hoo, was she feeling it now, but Leah had broken up with her fuckface of a boyfriend and solidarity had to be shown. Now it was Monday and a pack of small Korean kindy students screamed into the classroom.


“Movie day, kids.” Cheers!


She inserted the USB into the computer. A message popped up. Corrupted. She loaded up Internet Explorer. Network Connection Not Found.


“NINA TEACHER…” growled the children, their white teeth showing. Nina gulped.


Nina Walker was never seen alive again.


Author’s Note: If you liked the story, or have a longer story request in mind, please consider supporting me via PayPal. Thanks!

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