50-word Short Stories: History Edition!

More short short short stories, this time, on a theme! Read them and weep. Not literally, please. Jack the Ripper's killing spree continued. Prostitutes were being killed and mutilated in a nauseating fashion. "We should take this opportunity to look into the conditions that lead women to become prostitutes and allow them to be abused, … Continue reading 50-word Short Stories: History Edition!

(Animas) Primus Dale of the Queen’s Knuckles, Part IV

The penultimate chapter. If you've missed the previous parts: Part I, Part II, Part III. Sorry it's late. Now I shall go back to being snotty and feeling sorry for myself. Enjoy! The neighbor's kid had returned, with the news that Melly had run off with a stage performer. ("And she seemed like such a … Continue reading (Animas) Primus Dale of the Queen’s Knuckles, Part IV