I Return! 100-Word Short Stories!

You thought I was dead. You were wrong. Here are three 100-word short stories, prompts provided by readers on Facebook. I'm doing this again tomorrow, so feel free to lob me a prompt by 11 PM Taipei Standard Time. And if you like what I do, throw me a tip via PayPal. The ultrasound had … Continue reading I Return! 100-Word Short Stories!


19th Century Novel Heroine Longs For Personality

Paris, London, Wherever - Lucasta V--, the sole emotional support of her aging father figure, has found herself longing for a personality in the small hours of the night. "It is true, I am blonde and virginal and am embroiled in an improbable yet proper romance, and that should be enough," said Lucasta, twirling a … Continue reading 19th Century Novel Heroine Longs For Personality